Ramiro "Trey" Pereyra

Co President of LAFSE

Chair of Committee on Political Education

Human Resource Specialist, Los Alamos Public Schools

My Story

After leaving the United States Air Force, I began my career in education as a Special Education IA. I worked at Aspen Elementary and received training in Special Education from Kate Hovey, Angelic Martinez, and Karla Crane.


I started my union career by getting active in the negotiating process for the Classified Bargaining Agreement. I worked under the leadership of Whitney Holland, the former President of LAFSE. I worked hard to ensure classified staff received equal trainings, higher pay, and job protection.


Since then, I have represented countless staff in administrative meetings, represented LAPS at the New Mexico PSRP Task Force, been building representative for District Office and Pajarito Cliffs, given trainings on Special Education and Employee Rights, and in 2019 was voted LAFSE Vice President.


I served as Vice President until my appointment to Co President of Classified Staff in 2021.


I'm always looking for new ideas to help improve our Union! I am also here for your contract needs.


Let's connect.