Annie Trujillo-Garcia

Vice President of LAFSE, Classified Staff

Instructional Assistant, Los Alamos Public Schools

My Story

I began working for Los Alamos Public Schools as an Instructional Assistant in March 2004. I immediately became a member of LAFSE. I currently serve as the building representative for Aspen Elementary School and this year I became the Vice President of Classified Staff.

It makes me happy to work with other LAFSE Officers and members to enable a safe and happy environment for school staff, students, and parents. I am also the Vice Chair of the COPE committee and assist with the political educational items. I’ve participated in state meetings, contract negotiations and interviewing board members. I believe it’s very important that everyone's voices are heard in this day and age. Especially now during this Coronavirus Pandemic.


I'm here to advocate for, support, and defend our Classified Staff. Need Help?

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