Cristin Haake

Treasurer of LAFSE

High School Councilor, Los Alamos Public Schools

My Story

My name is Cristin Haake and I am a school counselor for Los Alamos High School.  I am a proud union member and have participated in union activities as a member since 2006.  I have been an educator for over sixteen years and am excited every fall for the beginning of the school year!  I have three children, one at Barranca Mesa Elementary, one at Los Alamos Middle School, and one at Los Alamos High School.  I will have a busy year transporting these children to various events at all three schools.

I have been a member of both the NEA and the AFT through my membership in the Teachers Association of Long Beach and Los Alamos Federation of School Employees and have appreciated the support and advocacy of these labor organizations.  I am happy that our LAFSE union not only speaks as one voice in terms of advocating for employees with our district, but that LAFSE also provides the platform to maintain members’ individual voices in all union decisions.

I am the Treasurer for the Los Alamos Federation of School Employees and am proud to serve in this capacity.  Please let me know if you have any issues or concerns that I may help you resolve.


I'm always looking for new and exciting ideas for outreach and ways to bring our staff and community together.

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