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LAFSE has been represented throughout New Mexico and throughout the United States. Continuing to shine a light on our educators and their dedication is our mission throughout these committees and task forces. 

Ask an Executive Council member about ways you can be a representative of your Union and your colleagues.


AFT-NM Convention

Classified President Trey Pereyra, Classified Vice President Annie Trujillo-Garcia, Certified Vice President Secilli Keeler, and former Treasurer Cristin Haake accept the local growth award.


Emerge Gala

Classified President Trey Pereyra joined State President Whitney Holland and other state leaders at the 2023 Emerge Gala. Emerge is a non-profit organization empowering New Mexico women and giving them the tools they need for success in running for political offices. 


LGBTQAI+ Task Force

Co-President Trey Pereyra serves as a representative for our LGBTQIA+ employees on this vital task force. This last year, President Trey went to New York for the inagural meeting of the task force. 


White House Roundtable

Former Co-President Christine Engelbrecht was one of 3 educators selected to represent education during a White House roundtable with the Secretary of Education and First Lady Jill Biden.


State President

Former President Whitney Holland was elected as the AFT-New Mexico state President. She served LAFSE as President for 6 years before being elected to state office.


Chicago Regional Conference

New Mexico and LAFSE joined our fellow neighboring states in Chicago for the Regional Conference. New Mexico was recognized for AFT-NM President Whitney Holland's work on the $15 minimum wage and educator minimums that were passed in legislation.


PSRP Conference

New Mexico and LAFSE were represented at the 2022 PSRP Conference in St. Louise. New Mexico was recognized with the The Dorothea Bell Political Action Award.


Governors Visit

LAFSE Presidents Trey Pereyra and Christine Engelbrecht meet Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham at the Governors Mansion.


Summer School - Too Cool!

LAFSE Presidents Trey Pereyra and Christine Engelbrecht and Classified Vice President Annie Trujillo-Garcia attend the 2022 AFT-NM Summer School.


Washington DC

AFT-NM President Holland and LAFSE Presidents Pereyra and Engelbrecht flew to Washington DC for the AFT Civil, Human, and Women's Rights Conference to represent New Mexico educators. 

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Respect New Mexico Educators

LAFSE Classified Vice President Annie Trujillo-Garcia was selected to create a video to be shared through the 3 R's campaign for New Mexico Educators.


PSRP Training

LAFSE Vice President Annie Trujillo-Garcia and Building Representative Taylor Pomeroy take part in AFT-NM and AFT led training for PSRP leaders.

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